Prosthetic Services:

Post-Operative Management

  • Immediate Post-Operative Fittings
  • Preparatory and Definitive Prostheses for all levels of amputation

Advanced Socket Technologies

  • LIM Innovations - Infinite Socket™ Certified*
  • Sub-Atmospheric Socket Suspension Technology
  • CJ "Sail" Socket Technologies
  • Custom Suspension Systems

Advanced Hand, Foot & Knee Systems

  • Micro-Processor Foot and Ankle Systems
  • Micro-Processor Knees
  • Bionx™ Powered Foot
  • Touch Bionics - I-Limb Hand Certified

Partial Foot Prosthesis

  • Trans Metatarsal Amputation
  • Custom Toe Fillers
  • Specialized Partial Foot Solutions
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