What Can I Expect?

At your initial consultation, you will meet with one of Reliant's Licensed and Board Certified Prosthetist/Orthotists to discuss the treatment plan as outlined / proscribed by your physician, your medical history and set goals for crafting and delivering your prosthesis. 

“We understand a new amputee’s trepidation and uncertainty of the future. At Reliant Prosthetics, our focus is always on you! You will not be rushed and you can count on having all of your questions answered.”
— Eric Loposer, LPO / Owner Board Certified - State Licensed Prosthetist - Orthotist

A family member can give first-time amputees moral support and encouragement, and are necessary for transportation to and from appointments.

The Dallas Amputee Network, www.dallasamputeenetwork.org, can arrange for a trained Amputee Peer Visitor to meet with you both prior to your amputation as well as prior to your appointment to answer questions regarding your amputation, the healing and rehabilitation process, and living life as an amputee.


What Should I Bring To My First Appointment?

It is important that you come to your first appoint prepared. Following is a handy checklist for you to use.


 Copies of your Identification and Insurance Cards

 Prescription to Reliant from your physician (Please note that a prescription directed to Reliant is necessary to receive services. Prescriptions for out-patient services and therapy cannot be used to receive prosthetic services.)

 A list of medications you are currently taking and any treatments you are receiving

 Completed Reliant Intake Form (from our website)

 Completed Insurance Form (from our website)

 Completed HIPAA Form (from our website)

 A pair of shorts and comfortable shoes or sneakers to wear during your examination.

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Feel free to contact our office at (972) 470-0300 if you have any questions about what is needed for your first visit.