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Getting to Know Your Orthotics

The orthotics that your foot care specialist has dispensed to you have been custom made to fit your feet for length, width and the contours of your individual feet. They have also been designed to correct any misalignment of your feet and legs, thus relieving the symptoms of an abnormal foot.

As you wear your orthotics in the next few weeks, your body will gradually change and become accustomed to the proper alignment that your orthotics have provided. This adjustment period varies from person to person and usually takes between 2-6 weeks. During this period of change, you may experience some discomfort possibly in your ankles, knees, hips or back. This discomfort is temporary and should disappear as your body is realigned by the orthotics.

  1. Wear your orthotics for 1 hour the first day and increase by 1 hour each day thereafter. If you have some discomfort, you may want to progress slower.

  2. If you have pain caused by the orthotics before you have completed the break-in period, remove the orthotic. Do not increase the wean rig time the next day. Then proceed with the additional hour the following day if the pain is Intense and does not let up, remove the orthotics and contact your provider.

  3. Wear stockings or socks to help eliminate the possibility of skin irritation.

  4. Your new orthotics will achieve what they are designed for in the proper type of shoe, such as a closed shoe design. Be sure to take your orthotics when you purchase new shoes and try the shoes on with the orthotics in them to assure proper fit.

  5. If your orthotics should happen to squeak, a light dusting of baby powder in the shoes should eliminate It.

  6. Wash your orthotics in a solution of mild soap and cold water. Do not use hot water on your orthotics. Do not soak or use any oils or oil base products on your orthotics.

  7. Do not attempt to modify your orthotics yourself. Return them to your provider for modification.
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